• Lonely much? Me too. This helps. Further to my post on Martha Nussbaum’s notion of seeking out difficulty to have a good life, I’d like to chat to you about a rant on the value of loneliness I came across today on BrainPickings.com. The rant picks up on an idea explored in The Lonely City by Olive Laing – that loneliess more
  • Your solitude is profound. In case you’re despairing. I honestly have no idea where I came across this quote. I’ve been reading a few heavy philosophy texts lately. It came from one of them, I think. Loneliness, aloneness, craving humans while also needing to flee… these are themes I explore a lot here. For me, finding the right balance between being in and more
  • my brand of sad…what’s yours? I get sad often. Have done since I was a kid. It can just creep up and over me, take me by the throat and dangle there. Then, once embedded, it will drag up big, raw feeling from deep within. In gushes.  I’m powerless once it’s upon me. I cry. A McDonald’s commercial can see more
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