• tone your vagus The thighbone is connected to the hipbone…and our heart is connect to the head, and we are all one and… you get the picture. I read over the weekend about work being conducted by behavioural neuroscientists in the US that shows that our phone addiction is connected to our longevity,  and that disconnecting from your more
  • How to Live to 100: eat pork During my time with the Blue Zones/National Geographic team, I had the highly satisfying experience of having something that I do instinctively, passionately and naturally confirmed as A Good Thing. I learned that eating pork can make you live longer. Or, more scientifically, one of the dietary staples that the various communities in the Blue more
  • how to live longer? be somewhat obsessive! If you’re a sober, highly strung, fretty type you might find this cheering…a much-talked-about new book The Longevity Project, reveals cheery types die younger than the more sober, serious humanoid. Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin, two psychologists, draw on a study  of school kids by Stanford University that started in the 1920s to find what more
  • Sunday life: in which I test how old i am… This week I test my cellular age I’ve reached that curious age where you no longer look your age. Which is to say you look as old as whatever you got up to the night before. When I sleep badly, I look like there’s a huge suck-hole at my feet dragging my fascia deep below more
  • monday awakening: the best reason I’ve ever found for backing the f*ck off. Yeah! Sometimes you hear something that makes a penny drop. You see, yesterday I was listening to an podcast about longevity and the point was made that a lot of us will live to well over 100. 120, 130…seriously. This factoid changed my day. I’m still carrying with me the tingle off the bouncing coin. Three more
  • learn how to live longer: 5 eye-opening ideas from (yet another) rad TED talk I’m a big proponent of the idea that “everything we think we know about health is wrong”. It’s a big call. But I stand by it. I got more proof when I came across this TED presentation from Dan Buettner. Dan was commissioned by the US Government to work out what factors contribute to longevity more
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