• Bung thyroid? Here’s what Louise Hay said it’s about… Some time back I met with Louise Hay and she shared a whole heap of advice on various life issues. At the end of the interview she noted I had a thyroid issue. I’m not sure if she guessed it or I’d mentioned it. I shared what she had to say about it at the more
  • sit on a small wooden bench with yourself This is a meditation trick I learned years ago. It’s simple and sweet. And I revert to it often. You might like it in these noisy, frenetic times we’re having just now. I’ve mentioned before how much I struggle with meditation. But every day I sit down and do it. Twice a day. For three more
  • Yes, Sarah wore frog shoes out to lunch. With me. For this post I’ve handed reins over to Jo… to choose some favourites from the year that was. Jo, go for your life! It’s not an easy gig, picking (only) three of my favourite posts/thoughts/memories to share on the blog. I’m usually attached to each post, for all sorts of reasons on any given day. So I more
  • Yes! Louise Hay tells me her #1 healing trick Louise Hay, the world’s biggest self-help publisher and author, is laughing at me. What’s your first thought when you wake up, she asks. “Um, most days it’s, ‘Shit, I have so much to do’. Then I start composing emails and conversations in my head…” I stop and look at Louise’s face. “OK. Correction. I used more
  • 7 Louise Hay insights for healing your life (and a thyroid tip) On Sunday I met Louise Hay. For anyone unfamiliar with this true gem of a human, she’s the author of You Can Heal Your Life, which has sold more than 50 million copies! And she owns Hay House, which publishes the Big Gurus (Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue etc). I’ll be writing more about more
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