• How the 8-Week Program exceeds nutritional guidelines With the first I Quit Sugar online 8-Week Program for 2015 just around the corner, I’ve been fielding a few questions about the nutritional status of the meal plans. I figured I’d take the opportunity to tick off some of the things I keep in mind when I’m developing the meal plans for the 8-Week Program, more
  • Why folk with autoimmune disease do the 8-Week Program This much I know: I quit sugar because I had a raging autoimmune disease. This much I’ve just learned: Tens of thousands of others with autoimmune disease are now doing the same thing. And getting results. In fact, according to our latest survey of I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program participants… For folk with autoimmune disease, more
  • Last chance to sign up to the 8-Week Program What will we be eating for eight weeks? Will the meals be low-calorie? Will they have enough calories? Will it be parsimonious mungbean-y rabbit food? Sign-ups for the next round of the 8-Week Program close close at midnight, Tuesday June 3 and I know some of you on this blog are debating in your heads about more
  • How I wrote my 8-Week Program Meal Plans The next round of my I Quit Sugar online 8-Week Program starts June 5 and you can sign up now and join the 300,000 other peeps around the world who’ve done it, either via my books or online. In this next round you’ll still have the option to choose from two Meal Plans: the standard more
  • Why I like my second book better It’s here: I Quit Sugar For Life. I see this as a follow-up book to help make cooking, eating and our health more elegant and joyous. A framework for simple, no-brainer health that supports sugar-free living. Which is what we’re after, no? If you’re keen to get your copy straight away, simply click on the more
  • Quit sugar in 8 weeks: what do you need to ask me? I think many of you might have noticed…I don’t really bang on about sugar on this blog these days. I have a new site – IQuitSugar.com – where I do this now. But I interrupt proceedings today to give readers here the opportunity to ask me any niggling questions you might have about quitting sugar more
  • last chance to sign up for the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program! Our very first I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program starts Monday August 26, and over at I Quit Sugar HQ we are finally ready to host you all. If you were planning on being involved, now’s your (last) chance for this year. Sign ups for this round of the Program close Wednesday August 21 so make sure you’ve more
  • Friday giveaway: one place in the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program! It’s a month away. To the day. The first I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program starts August 26, and the team are all madly getting ready to host you all. Seeing as it’s Friday, and I like to give things away on this site on Fridays, I’m thrilled to announce that today I Quit Sugar is more
  • Sneak peek: one-pan salmon ‘n’ super slaw from the I Quit Sugar meal plan Part of the reason I launched iquitsugar.com is so that this blog can return to being an exploration of broader life-bettering stuff. Not everyone here wants to quit sugar. I get that. More to follow on this soon. In the meantime, I know many of you are asking me about the new site and 8-Week Program… more
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