• a little more catching up This week I did my third I Quit Sugar book signing – at Dymocks in George Street, where the book is currently sitting at #2. Damn Jodi and her highly digestible fiction! I’ve shared a few of the I Quit Sugar media stories recently, but here’s some more. In case you were wondering what to read more
  • In case you missed it… …I Quit Sugar has been getting a bit of attention lately, since the release of the print edition last week, and, I think, as the awareness of the failings of fructose spreads. For those of you who didn’t catch the clippings in the various media stories over the weekend, I’ll share a selection below. Consider more
  • Aspiring journalist? Blogger? Writer? you might like this free event Media is in trouble. There are 29384792387 Communications graduates competing for the three jobs still going in the industry. Which are generally taken up by the girl whose Daddy is mates with the CEO. Right? Without a doubt the media landscape has changed in the past few years. And if you’re a hungry communicator things more
  • my Sunday Life column comes to an end…to make way for… …Well, a few things. Straight up, I’ll be filing my final Sunday Life column this week. Almost 130 experiments in how to make life better…you’d hope I’d have found an answer, hey?? I kinda have, but that’s for another time. A publisher once said to me, “Never do a column for more than two years. more
  • my favourite, earthy root recipe This popped up in Shop Till You Drop this month, prompting an urge to share a recipe with you (below): As it happens, I cooked a meal last night using ALMOST all the ingredients above. In rough terms, this is it:
  • are you being authentic? how do you know? I’ve been fretting a little lately about whether I’m being authentic. I’ve been catching myself saying things to impress and to create a certain image of myself. Then I cringe inwardly.  It’s easy to do, especially when you blog. You can easily get swept up in your own story. Press “publish”. And go eat a more
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