• Build gaps in your life. Pauses. Proper pauses. It’s been a wonderfully full few months. So full, I’ve had to get very focused with my priorities. This is the best thing about fullness – it doesn’t allow room for hot air or bad energy. And, so I’ve had to – for the first time in almost four years – drop this blog for more
  • try this trick: buffering When I was editor of Cosmopolitan my assistant Lucy used to book me out for 15 minutes either side of all my appointments. She did this off her own back. I asked her why one day. “So you have a buffer,” she said. By which she meant, so you have time to go to the more
  • my simple things Simplicity is going to be a big theme in many people’s lives in 2013. Just you watch. UK magazine The Simple Things recently interviewed me on how I make my life simple and it appears in this month’s issue. If you don’t get around to grabbing it, how about I help you out. These are more
  • Question: “you’re an anxious person, how do you enjoy life!?” Reader Cammy this week asked me this: “I’m an anxious person, very annoying, but you have made me feel like maybe I can deal with it. Thanks!! How do you deal with anxiety and  enjoy things when you’re feeling anxious. Please! I would love to know what you do.” I’m a very anxious person. It’s more
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