• this could be why you’re 30-something and single…and OK about it This is a doozie of an article that I just read in The Atlantic. We all like chatting about this stuff: the disconnect between men and women today and the peculiar place both single men and women in their 30s are in. It’s such a HUGE issue and we all try to grapple with the more
  • the importance of being smart, single…and vulnerable Over the past week debate has been raging about a few studies and op-eds that – sigh – tell us that women who are smart and successful don’t score blokes. What do we all think of this? This Psychology Today report says people who’ve always wanted to be successful (since they were kids) grow up more
  • Dear Men…a letter from Christina Hendricks I read this on Gala Darling today, an open letter to men by Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I hope Gala doesn’t mind my replicating it here. I found it such a compassionate bunch of intimate insights that I really do think men would enjoy hearing. We should share these things. I’ve added my comments more
  • why I like men I’m meant to be writing my Sunday Life column, due in two hours. But there’s a great survey published on The Punch today – blokes’ take on female body image. And it’s given me an inspired jolt. On Thursday I drank wine and ate sushi with The  Punch editor Penbo (he gave me the gig more
  • Or are you just happy to see me? Oh, you’ve got me. I’m using this post as an excuse to post a picture of a man’s crotch. Let’s get the plug out of the way: they’re Calvin Klein’s new Body jeans for men. The gimmick? They add extra bulk around – and let’s just say it straight – the penis, with the strategic more
  • golf. it’s good. in a lemon plaid kinda way Right now I’m on a hobbies rampage. It started when I declared that I like men with hobbies. I had a cup of tea with a guy the other day who just started painting and I was immediately attracted. A hobby denotes an ability to shut off from what “you’re meant to be doing” and more
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