• Does quitting sugar help heal anxiety? The short answer is yes, without a doubt. The longer one requires me to rant. Let’s start with my experience, then flesh out from there. Me, when I got unwell with Hashimotos seven years ago, I was also suffering one of my most tumultuous bouts of anxiety. The two are very interrelated. I’ll explore this in more
  • 10 things to do to heal your gut I’m gut-health obsessed. I talk about gut health a lot, here and elsewhere. I believe most contemporary ills stem from gut issues and I’ve got my fair share of personal experience. Today, I’m sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated in my years of research on the topic. 1. Don’t worry about dirt on veggies. more
  • My elevator guide to the microbiome I don’t endeavour here to do a huge in-depth piece on what is a really complex topic that I’ve been studying for three years now (frankly, I don’t have the time). But since gut health is becoming more and more of a “big deal”, I’ve put together an elevator guide to the microbiome, a bunch of more
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