• The lessons of a generation living out of a storage unit Lead singer Rai Thistlewayte from Australian band Thirsty Merc did one of those “at home with” interviews recently. “Owning stuff is a burden,” he told the journalist.  “That said, I learnt the hard way. So, now I like to keep it simple. You end up putting an apartment’s worth of stuff into a storage unit, more
  • Where can an anti-consumption approach fit when you own a business? I’ve obviously contemplated this a bit. I personally don’t buy very much, but I sell things. Most of my wares are electronic and are educational tools to assist consumers to, in fact, consume less and, importantly, waste less. I sell printed books, too. How do I sit with that? Quite well. Books are not disposable. more
  • Dear Sugar Research Advisory Service My mate David Gillespie pointed me to this video yesterday (the clip is below), in which advertising strategy expert Carolyn Miller (of TV show Gruen fame) provides marketing advice at The Sugar Conundrum Workshop, put on by The Sugar Research Advisory Service last year to dieticians. Yes, you read right. Dieticians. Miller uses me as an example more
  • My simple home: what I don’t own I’m going to take a step or two back. And explain the “simple” in the My Simple Home experiment. I’d like to be clear. You’ll notice the series is not called “My Minimalist Home”. Minimalism is a righteous aesthetic, but not always practical. All those ardent minimalists out there can be painful. And their all-in-one more
  • the elegance of paring back This week I pare back Last Saturday I ate almost half a jar of anchovies in one sitting. It was a purposeful binge; I was emptying the jar so that I could use it as a vase for the dinner party I was hosting. I had four guests that night because I only have five more
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