• How to have a morning routine (and why you should) I’ve banged on about the importance of a morning routine before. And I’ve shared my own routine. I’m not alone when it comes to religiously sticking to a morning schedule. The creatives and entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed across the globe over the years all have one. And stick to it. Likewise on website Mymorningroutine.com. Intrigued by morning routines and how living by them leads more
  • creating too much chaos in your life? this jonathan fields trick works This week in Sunday Life I drop certainty anchors So lately I’ve become increasingly distrustful of the overly certain. When someone puffs out their chest at the head of a dinner table to emphatically declare climate change isn’t happening or that their son will grow up to follow Collingwood or that the only smoked small more
  • Is your lifestyle “terminally jangled”? here! some Hunter S Thompson advice… I could stare at that photo below for an inappropriately long time. It’s evocative and in-someone-else’s-moment-ish and makes me want to meet a man in trunks. Mornings. Spent writing. Calmly. Alone. In sun. Yep. I came across this rundown by Hunter S Thompson of his morning routine. Morning routine’s are key to life, I’ve come more
  • how to have a better morning routine This week I hone a morning routine Most mornings I wake up (no alarm; between 6 -7 am) and drink a dromedary’s hump worth of hot water. While doing this I check emails and read my feeds. Then I exercise (20-60 minutes). Then I meditate, shower and eat breakfast. It’s the best bit of my more
  • Dan buettner’s morning routine Yesterday I posted about my morning routine. In the middle of my routine, the inspiringly languid and health-ful Dan Buettner emailed me, so I asked him to share his. Three things you should know about Dan: * He’s the world expert on how to live longer and wrote Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from more
  • the elegance of a morning routine I’m quite convinced that having some sort of structure to the start of your day is key to living a life that counts. It gets you out of bed with a purpose. Delays, wonderings, phaffings…they get us down at early hours. It gives you, possibly,  the only space for yourself all day (got kids? staff? more
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