• So, you have one can of coconut milk…make this coconut soup I’m not sure why it’s taken me a while to do a post on coconut milk. It’s simple stuff, a few bucks a pop and a super nutritious meal base. But I know you’ll have questions. Like… How much fructose is in coconut milk? Not much; approximately 2-5 per cent. (Just make sure you buy more
  • my new love: cauliflower I’ve found a new love. It’s an autumnal love. She’s versatile. She spreads herself generously. She’s sweet, but not toxic and, OK, she’s cheap. I’ve been playing with cauliflower for a few weeks now. I think you should have a go, too. These clunky white nuggets are full of antioxidants, rich in fibre and Vitamin more
  • 10 things I love to do with my leftover herbs Stuck with ideas for what to do with leftover herbs before they wilt and die? Hate the wastage? (You know I do. I’m a LoveFoodHateWaste ambassador). Be stuck no more! Herewith, my handy listicle of how to use ’em. 1. Make a herb oil. Use thyme, or rosemary – drier herbs are best for this more
  • some Christmas food gifts (and how to pickle daikon) I’ve been cooking a little lately. Experimenting. And I’ve found a few things that I reckon will make very nice Christmas gifts. I’ve got some friends coming around over the weekend to whip up some of the below to hand to Good People Who’ve Done Good Things By Me in 2011. And boy have there more
  • eating for vata and chelating I’ve posted on the whole vata thing before – it’s an Ayurvedic diagnosis for A-types who move and talk fast, get flighty and unearthed easily, as well as, well, get toxic. You know, joint-achy and congested and bogged up. Me, basically. And many of you, I suspect. I made the point in my previous post more
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