• Do you do this too? I think the reason we’re all plonked on this planet is to connect. At a cellular level, we are but a flurry of connections. Our greatest sense of purpose comes from intimacy and sharing. Hilariously, despite our most arrogant efforts to impress each other with Big Important Things, most of us find that the greatest more
  • are you a tapper? a checker? a counter? Sunday’s post on my being neurotic has had a funny impact. Everyone’s been approaching me confessing their quirks. Not in an ashamed way, but in a way that comes with a cute smile that says, “we’re all such funny creatures, aren’t we…”. I’ve even had a talent scout for Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref wanting more
  • Sunday life: yes, I’m neurotic. Phew, i’m glad that’s out This week… I am neurotic Now, you might ask, how can indulging in a private personality schism make life better. I’m kind of asking myself the same, but let’s see how this goes. For starters, openly acknowledging something in yourself that others have long suspected can make life easier for everyone involved. But let’s take more
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