• a small guide to athens I love Athens. The craziness, the congestion; even in a heat wave the place leaves me pumped. It’s life in a petri dish. It’s so terribly, organically, inescapably human. I didn’t stay in Athens long. I was in transit to Icaria. Two days only. But this is what I tried (and which I’d recommend to more
  • have you missed the point of this life joke?! I need to share this. But first some context. While in Ikaria I stayed at Nas Beach where, perched on the cliff overlooking the beach, is Thea’s Inn. Thea is a delight and looks after anyone who comes into her orbit. More on her and her inn soon… but you can learn how to make more
  • Hello! I’m back. I’ve been offline (off blog, off emails, off Facebook and Twitter and just posting via Instagram) for four glorious weeks and I feel FRESH. I asked Jo to choose a nice photo for this post…she opted for this. Here, I’m off horse trekking in the Alpujarras in my Qantas-issue pyjamas   I have energy, I more
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