• how to quit sugar in the New Year Perhaps you’re playing with the idea of quitting sugar for 2013. To get well. And bright. And happy. Yes? Look, I’m not one to to sell in things with fanfare. I will simply say: quitting sugar works. And then I will gently invite you: to try it for yourself. How does it work? What will more
  • Announcing my New Year *I Quit Sugar* program – all welcome! Join my 8-week I QUIT SUGAR reboot program kicking off January! It’ll be easy + not-boring-at-all + it WILL work   I get a sense that a few of you are thinking they’d like clean up their insides after the year that was. And, of course, the indulgent I-can’t-cope-with-being-discplined-right-now-I’m-too-exhausted Christmas and New Year we’re about more
  • New Year idea: reading (and a list of the books I’m into right now) “I have sought rest everywhere, and have found it nowhere, save in a little corner, with a little book.” – Thomas à Kempis I’ve recently arrived at the same discovery as above. For the past month or two I’ve been coming home on a Saturday afternoon around 3pm and sitting in my cool loungeroom and more
  • sunday life: lowering your New Year expectations will make you happier This week I resolve to have a crap-tastic New Year Stuck to my friend Katie W’s fridge is a list of New Year resolutions. From last year. At the top it reads, “Live life like you’re on holidays”. This concept – chipper-ly deluding yourself with a ”St Tropez at cocktail hour” vibe – has always more
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