• The lessons of a generation living out of a storage unit Lead singer Rai Thistlewayte from Australian band Thirsty Merc did one of those “at home with” interviews recently. “Owning stuff is a burden,” he told the journalist.  “That said, I learnt the hard way. So, now I like to keep it simple. You end up putting an apartment’s worth of stuff into a storage unit, more
  • I’ve been a nomad for six years. This is what it’s done to me. I’ve not lived in my own place, with furniture and belongings around me, for a good chunk of my life. I’ve never owned a fridge. Nor a washing machine. Nor an iron. Six years ago I gave everything away, reducing my belongings to two suitcases, and decamped to a (frugally furnished) army shed in the more
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