• Does your hair fall out when you quit sugar? While I was riding a mountain bike in Sardinia’s barren hills last week a sugary fuss was hitting fans Down Under. Did you read the fuss? The upshot of the fuss, if you missed it, is that a Sydney nutritionist is putting out a book that counters I Quit Sugar. It’s called Don’t Quit Sugar. more
  • Want to learn more about the Paleo diet? This is for you… There’s much buzz at the moment about the Paleo diet. Some of it painfully pious. Some of it fascinatingly valid. I’ve written a little about it here and shared some Paleo recipes here. I keep getting asked to share my thoughts, and am often asked by recent sugar-free converts, “should I be quitting all carbs?” more
  • why the paleo diet works This week in Sunday Life I eat like a caveman Of all the self-imposed guinea pig antics I’ve subjected myself to for this column, this week’s might be regarded as my bravest. For it entailed eating, oh-glory-be-yes, fat. In a fat-fearful world, my no holds barred consumption of chicken skin, the crackling and the 3cm more
  • five books: cookbooks and nutrition guides I eat by I’m starting an occasional series where I share a couple of my favourite books. First up, cookbooks and nutrition guides I live by. I’ve put nifty links to Amazon if you’re busting to get your hands on them…. Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions Sally is the co-founder and president of the Weston A Price Foundation, and more
  • my chocolate nut balls (healthy nuff for breakfast!) Over the weekend, my partner in “Sunday mornings on the deck eating eggs + reading the papers” crime Lizzie and I made nutballs. This is them… Three things you need to know: 1. These balls of goodness are so healthy and anti-oxidising that you can eat them for breakfast. And just to test the theory, more
  • healing autoimmune disease #10 (a podcast) I posted my interview with Nora Gedgaudas last week that detailed the whole paleo diet thing. I’m two weeks in and am noticing amazing differences – which I’ll report back on. Anyway, I know a lot of readers on this site have an auto-immune disease of some sort. Nora very kindly talked me through her more
  • my chat with Nora Gedgaudas on paleo eating (a podcast) On Friday I had the indescribable joy of chatting to Nora Gedgaudas on Skype. Nora wrote the paleo living bible Primal Body, Primal Mind and is a gem of a woman. In a nutshell, the premise of her thinking is this: * our genealogy hasn’t changed since Paleolithic times when we ate fat, protein and more
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