• My oprah necklace giveaway/charity thingo I asked last week what you thought of giveaways. I loved the feedback – thank you for taking the time to be clear and honest with me about it. It’s a tricky issue. And thank you for the suggestion to tie giveaways in with giving to those in more need than those of us reading more
  • live your life on purpose I was in the audience just now for the screening of Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure. Phenomenal. By now you’d know about Hugh smashing his eye. And Nicole and Keith and Livvie and Russ and Hugh singing “Still call Australia Home”. I cried through a lot of it. Such a wonderful, big energy. No one – more
  • Sunday life: in which Oprah’s declutter dude Peter Walsh visits my apartment This week I declutter my “sentimentals” and my “collectibles” What did we all do before we “decluttered”? We tidied. We picked up our crap, dusted under it, then put it back down again. We also used our crap. In my house we collected toothbrushes, icecream buckets and old singlets, which were used for cleaning our more
  • sunday life: in which I commit random acts of kindness This week I give away stuff… randomly. Have you been ROAK’d yet? I know four people who have in the past fortnight. My friend Kerrie was walking to the servo to buy toilet paper and a woman she didn’t know handed her a bunch of jonquils. Just like that. A reader on my blog wrote more
  • tuesday eats: how to freeze things I know this seems like a really daggy post. But stick with me, at least until the jump. It gets really interesting. See this quinoa recipe below, from 101 Cookbooks, an amazing resource for super healthy food ideas…I challenged myself to make it entirely from stuff pulled from my freezer. There are tricks and things more
  • sunday life: my first column Years ago I dated a burly tradesman who committed himself daily to living by Eleanor Roosevelt’s mantra, “Do something every day that scares you”. He had it scrawled on a piece of Foolscap Feint, Blu-Tacked above the cistern of his toilet. And would use it to motivate himself to leave jobs when they became toxic more
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