• the exercise mistake I used to make Oh, we get competing messages, don’t we. The latest befuddlement that we’re trying to get our heads around is this “exercise myth” idea. In the “everything you used to think was right is wrong” vane, it’s now being suggested (ready for it?) that… exercising can make us fat. What do I think of this? Glad more
  • how to exercise at home: a video Last week I shared how I exercise and mentioned I’ve been going through a big shift via the work I’ve been doing with Aaron at Origin of Energy. I say it plain: it’s  boosted my energy levels and corrected my posture, two things that have suffered horribly from having an autoimmune disease. His technique is more
  • caveman exercise: a *why and how* rundown OK, I’ve just posted on how to exercise at home, using techniques I’ve learned from Origin of Energy’s Aaron and his team. As a backgrounder, I’ve got Aaron to explain the philosophy behind the exercises he teaches. I love it…I’m absorbing myself in the information at the moment and meeting all kinds of people who more
  • Question: how do you exercise? Reader Amy recently asked what I do for exercise. This is a really good question. Because I’ve shifted the way I do things in the past six months or so. Dramatically so. And I think what I’ve learned (the hard way…always the hard way with me) works. For everyone. It’s not that complicated…and it’s kind. more
  • Tuesday eats: some more smooth morning smoothies Last week I posted on what I was eating for breakfast, and asked for your favourite recipes to help make mornings smoother. So you fly out of bed! Here they are below. I should just note that for me, mixing different fruits in the one meal ain’t great . General wisdom is that it causes more
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