• thinking of spring: this week I’ve been cleaning my guts A while back I did a juice detox…and this week I was invited to take part in another one. Disclaimer: I didn’t pay for this detox, but my comments are freely my own. So, the Lucky You Cleanse, is a five-day deal where you consume nothing but freshly pressed organic juices and coconut water, and more
  • sunday life: mindful eating This week I eat mindfully Now here’s a thought: what if all those folk who take photos of their every meal and post them on their blog/Twitter/Facebook were actually onto something? I’m sure you’ve seen them about. I was at lunch recently and watched a table of six whip out their iphones as their food more
  • sunday life: my #1 secret to cracking reward snacking. finally! This week I eat stupendously expensive chocolate. To see if it can cure the world’s overeating problems. A happy life is not spent controlled by the synthetic lure of doughnuts in food courts and dieting. So for the sake of my ongoing research I invest in dark Prestat at, hell yeah, $11.90/80g.
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