• The best advice to creatives ever: you have to go through a volume of work When I lived in Byron (writing my first book) I used to drive to my friend Annie’s house in the hills for dinner on Sundays. I timed it to listen to Ira Glass on This American Life. I’d time it so I could pull over in the really mind-expanding, precipace-thinking bits. Not listened to one more
  • Fire up, then lighten up. My wonderful assistant Jo sent this to me over the weekend. She sends me things like this when she thinks I need it. By the way, turns out Jo and I celebrate four years working together today. There you go. This is not about “finding your passion and giving everything to it”. It’s about giving more
  • Sometimes we just have to circle like a dog You know how dogs do that thing where they circle around and around looking for the right place – seemingly the perfect place – to sink to the ground?  I watch them do it and wonder, What exactly are they seeking? What is their perfection? That said, I do the same thing. I circle before more
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