• That moment you stop asking if you are going to be okay… I don’t know if I can discuss this further. If I can add to it. Cleo Wade is an artist, poet and speaker. She often shares her poetry on Instagram. She nails life when she does so. I guess the bravery she alludes to is one that we have to summon when the shit really gets real more
  • I have my freedom today because nothing really happened I’ve been reading poet David Whyte’s The House of Belonging. In it is a poem, “It happens to those who live alone”. Which is a grand title for anything right there. There’s a line in it that is particularly special… “I have my freedom today because nothing really happened and nobody came to see me.” more
  • Let’s go about this slowly (I’ll tell you why) Poet Mary Oliver does it for me. Have you read any of her work? She places her observations of the heart so delicately that the words disappear and a wistful truth remains. Here’s something from her recent compilation Felicity: Poems that makes me glad: I did think, let’s go about this slowly. This is important. more
  • Some advice for anyone who’s recently left a relationship English poet and philosopher David Whyte was once called on to give a friend some advice. This friend was in the middle of leaving a relationship. I’ve been there – in the position of counsel. Mostly it takes me straight back, like riding down a razor blade, to the times I’ve had to leave love myself. I don’t more
  • Have you married yourself yet? I’ve just been introduced to the poet and philosopher, David Whyte. In his book The Three Marriages, he says we need to navigate, yep, three marriages in life: one to others (“particularly and very personally, to one other living, breathing person”), another to work and another to one’s self, “through an understanding of what it means to be more
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