• Seven ways to make your blog better I recently posted my 1000th blog. I figure this puts me in a good position to share a few ideas that might help you if you’re starting out or want to extend things a little. 1.    If you’re just getting started… here’s how to start a blog. Just get into the mosh pit. It doesn’t more
  • you can still hear me speak at the problogger conference… I’m talking at the Problogger conference this weekend. So is the formidable Darren Rowse and Chris Guillebeau, and the inspiring fellow chick bloggers Fat Mum Slim, WoogsWorld, Kerry Sackville and Edenland will also be there, paneling it up on social media tricks and tips. I know so many of you wanted to come but couldn’t more
  • how to publish an ebook Consider this more of a “do as I say, not as I did” kind of instructional manual. For, if I can say upfront, it’s a requisite of publishing an ebook to make mistakes, not know what you’re doing, get frustrated, bounce between different designers, programmers, programs, formats….oh, my! Enter this world and know this! And more
  • How to make money blogging Have you met Problogger? One of the most popular bloggers who blogs about blogging? When I first launched my blog (three years ago this month) I used to read Problogger’s posts religiously, combing them for tips on how to “do it right”. I’d first encountered him – him being the erudite Darren Rowse – when more
  • what would it take for you to finish work at 5:30? I read recently about how Facebook’s incredibly talented and respected CFO Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Work at 5:30. Gobsmacked. How cool. Bloody good on her…. I thought all these things. And I loved that she’d spoken out on it. This is important. I also liked that it appears not to have affected her career trajectory: “I walk more
  • my Sunday Life column comes to an end…to make way for… …Well, a few things. Straight up, I’ll be filing my final Sunday Life column this week. Almost 130 experiments in how to make life better…you’d hope I’d have found an answer, hey?? I kinda have, but that’s for another time. A publisher once said to me, “Never do a column for more than two years. more
  • how to start a blog. actually, how to start anything. A while back Clare Lancaster of Women in Business asked readers to share “the tips you would give yourself if you were starting up your blog today”. I get asked the same a lot. It’s funny because just yesterday I was thinking about a feature I wrote on the early blog sensations. This was back more
  • how to build a blog (a Cleo interview) I was quoted in this month’s CLEO magazine. I thought it might be of interest to anyone who’s thinking of start a blog and is not sure where to start. I know I had noooooo idea when I first decided to launch this one. The other advice I would give is: * Follow really strong more
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