• achieving with excitement Ages ago I remember reading something by Leo Babauta about he’d given up goals. Instead he was achieving things with excitement. I’ve never really made goals. As in, “by 2013 I’ll be married with three kids”. Or, “in six months I will have the corner office”. In part because I’m never that certain about what more
  • how to start a blog. actually, how to start anything. A while back Clare Lancaster of Women in Business asked readers to share “the tips you would give yourself if you were starting up your blog today”. I get asked the same a lot. It’s funny because just yesterday I was thinking about a feature I wrote on the early blog sensations. This was back more
  • the best-ever iphone apps: a listicle (part 1) I’m excited about a few apps that make life sweeter, better, lighter. I’ve listed the ones I swear by. Please do add yours to the mix below (I’ll do up another post down the track of your suggestions…). Most of you know about Bump (free) and Shazam (free), yes? The former shares contacts when you more
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