• Why your uncertainty is a good thing A while back I read this interesting post on Psychology Today about embracing one’s uncertainness. Owning it and not running from it. I’m uncertain. I berate myself for it (uncertain people are often self-flagellating, too). I liked the points raised. The article highlights that the uncertain among us expend a fair bit of energy unable more
  • the perfection of why your fingers + toes wrinkle in the bath This is a random Monday factoid: there’s a perfect reason why your fingers and feet turn to prunes in the shower. So says Mark Changizi author of The Vision Revolution and Director of Human Cognition at 2AI Labs in Psychology Today. Basically we prune-up because we’re former apes. And it saves brain power: Pruney fingers more
  • I’m a soul nerd. It hurts sometimes. Until I realised… “Literature is a yoga, a soulnerd’s intellectual-spiritual practice of contour-fitting what we know to what is so.” I read this in a Psychology Today article this morning. It’s given me heart on this Monday morning after a night of not sleeping and feeling really very raw about how I’m “doing life”. The article is about more
  • strong women: do you need a knight or a king? This Psychology Today article that gives a rundown of the type of relationship strong, career-orientated women want now hits  nails on heads for me. It makes a number of strident and true points. I’ve added my own thoughts to the mix too: * “There is a new type of male/female relationship forming in our culture more
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