• I asked my mindful mates how we should respond to Trump-ism… I’m approaching you, I wrote to a handful of people I know whose job it is to be mindful in their commentary, wondering if you had the will and time to share what a sound, wise, mindful way of coping with Whatever The F*ck Is Going On Right Now. I’m after the “better” and “bigger” response. more
  • I’m tough because I give a shit What makes someone tough? Strong in the face of adversity? Emotionally sturdy? My literary crush David Brooks (catch up on my previous posts on him here and here) touches on this topic quite a bit. Recently in the New York Times he flagged the idea that emotional sturdiness “happens”. That is, we’re not born with it. more
  • Each ordinary day, are you doing what satisfies you. Or….? We are odd creatures. We often engage in what torments us. Witness the hours we spend toggling on social media. And we chase the future (fretting, planning) and pause in the past (lamenting and being angry), when we know that being present is what brings us joy. And, then, to get even further away from more
  • have soft eyes This is a technique I use when I’m anxious. I soften my eyes. That’s it. Calm descends. If I’m particularly anxious, I shut my eyes and then I smile slightly, but with my eyes. My eyeballs go soft and the softness oozes all over.  I also do it when I meditate, on those days when more
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