• How to live to 100: eat no sugar I’ve been sharing a few posts on why the people in Ikaria, Greece, live so long. Why it’s a “Blue Zone”. You can catch up here and here on the gist (and there’s more to come). The really big question that dangled during my stay here, however, is where’s the sugar issue sit in all more
  • my sugar-free raspberry ripe! I made this a while back and shared the recipe with my friend Renee. In passing. It’s the kind of recipe I’m packing my forthcoming I Quit Sugar Cookbook with. Simple, moorish, minimal-ingredients-required “assemblages”, brimful of nutrients and wholesome sweetness. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some sneak peaks…on Instagram, my IQS Facebook page and more
  • I quit sugar new year program giveaway: natvia pillow packs Next week my 8-week I Quit Sugar Program kicks off.  Everyone is welcome to join in – whether you bought the book ages ago, or just now.  Sugar is toxic and it makes us fat. New Year. New Starts. A New Sugar-Free Life. The program is a “let’s do it together effort” with extra info more
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