• My supercharged coconut cream Love my Whipped Coconut Frosting from Simplicious? Wait til you try this trick. Today’s bonus recipe takes whipped cream to another level. Adding gelatin to your coconut cream gives it a super smooth texture perfectly mimicking whipped cream. Plus it gives you all the great health effect of the stuff. Supercharged Coconut Cream One 400ml more
  • My Simplicious “Beet That” Popstick Salad Summer has hit and it’s HOT here in Sydney. So I’m sharing one of my favourite recipes from my latest book I Quit Sugar: Simplicious: the Beet That Popstick Salad. Yep, a salad with popsicles. (Note, one of the Big Food companies – let’s call them Nestle – has the trademark to”popsicles” and sues everyone more
  • A One-Pot Wonder Skillet Cookie recipe! It is no secret that the new IQS One-Pot Wonders Cookbook is possibly my favourite cookbook yet. It’s all about making delicious meals simple, affordable and sustainable. To give you a little glance at what’s inside, I thought I’d share one of my favourite dessert recipes from the book: The Choc Chip Skillet Cookie. This giant more
  • My Healthy Family Meals Cookbook is out on e-shelves now! The I Quit Sugar team’s latest cookbook Healthy Family Meals  is my kind of book. In 40 recipes it encapsulates all the stuff I’m passionate about. It’s the way I eat. Simple, sustainable, economical, fuss-free with less pots and no fancy bits…and with a side (or three) of greens. Here’s some things the team and I more
  • Make my Christmas pumpkin spice granola! And win an “About Life” Christmas hamper! As you may have noticed, I’ve launched my new ebook…the I Quit Sugar Christmas Meal Plan.  One of the gift recipe ideas in the ebook is a festive take on my classic granola.  I’m sharing the recipe with you today, but I’ve also got some extra good news. The wonderfully well folk at About Life more
  • sugar-free granola: the most popular recipe from my cookbook It’s always the simplest things, isn’t it. My cookbook’s been out four months now and I can tell you the recipe that gets the most love out there is this one – a fun granola recipe I invented one day when I was frantic for something crunchy and golden and…well, something to take the place more
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