• Meet the new Julie and Julia… I’m pegging myself as something of a Julia Childs here. Forgive me for the lack of humility. I’ll explain. Quickly. And then we can move onto pretty pictures. A while back Jo invited readers to cook their way through my latest book, Simplicious. All 306 recipes. Which is quite the endeavour. A stack of keen more
  • Tuesday eats: a gluten free recipe from Cannelle et Vanille Know this, Cannelle et Vanille is one of the most beautiful food blogs out there. Not just visually, but….spiritually, too (Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan, too). You can feel the love and care and whimsy from the pages of her blog. And Aran Goyoaga, a Basque food stylist now based in the US…well, she’s become more
  • Tuesday eats: millet Millet is great. Have you eaten millet? It’s a super grain. It’s kind of like quinoa (high in protein, gluten-free, substitute for rice/couscous/flour), but is crunchier and is also: * high in silica, which is great for bones * soothing, especially for indigestion or morning sickness * anti-fungal; helps ease Candida symptoms * improves breath more
  • Tuesday eats: six healthy snacks (in six ingredients or less!) The Internet Chef recently posted a list of the top 30 health posts from the internet. They’re a great collation. Here’s my choice six snacks, plus some simple throw-together-from-the-pantry snack tricks I eat by. Enjoy! * Tamari Pepitas Toss some pumpkin seeds around a hot pan (no oil required; the oils from the nuts are more
  • tuesday eats: kale pesto Everyone has got a little excited about kale. Every time I write about it I get stacks of emails. So I thought I’d post a great kale pesto recipe. Healthy as. And you can freeze it...which I’m radically into right now. There’s a lot of recipes out there. I like this one. 1 bunch kale more
  • my favourite, earthy root recipe This popped up in Shop Till You Drop this month, prompting an urge to share a recipe with you (below): As it happens, I cooked a meal last night using ALMOST all the ingredients above. In rough terms, this is it:
  • Tuesday eats: kale (plus: my “fridge surprise soup”, below) I’ve mentioned kale before here. I call it kale. Foodie types with an Italian affection call it cavalo nero. It looks like a more rustic, crinkly version of spinach, and is ssuuuuuuuuuper nutritious. Actually, here’s a fact: Kale’s one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet, packed with chlorophyll, calcium, iron & vitamin A. more
  • my gluten-free pumpkin + chia muffins I’m not about to venture into the food bloggosphere, but I’ve been asked to share the recipe for the muffins I took to this morning’s brunch. I’ve kind of made it up.  Apologies to all home economists everywhere…I know this might horrify you. So, five bodgy steps: 1. turn oven to 180 or so (my more
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