• friday offer: $50 naked wines voucher (and a clever wine investment opportunity!) Ah, look. I love wine. I started out my career in journalism off wine. My boyfriend and I won a six-week wine trip around the world with some of the top wine tasters in Australia. I was 21. I did vertical Rjoca tastings in Spain at 1o in the morning. We went to Champagne, Cognac, more
  • tuesday eats: chocolate, green tea and red wine Yep, all of the above. I love them all. They are an injection of happiness. My body actually smiles when I have them. Same with zucchini, oddly. And brazil nuts. It’s funny-but-totally-get-able: because all three are great sources of antioxidants, I have a very healthy attitude to all three. I don’t binge on them. I more
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