• Melinda lost 50kg doing my I Quit Sugar program… * This post has been updated. You can read more about this below… Meantime, over this New Year shutdown period, I’ve come across a few reads and things that you might be interested in if you’re thinking of quitting sugar. Momentum is building, more and more people are working out that sugar is the missing more
  • failures + healings: the year that was This post has been updated. Every year since starting this blog I’ve done a NYE post (give or take a few days) that outlines my resolutions for the coming year. Last year I wrote a bunch of “intentions” for 2011. Below I outline which ones I stuck to. And the other events that emerged, with more
  • sunday life: lowering your New Year expectations will make you happier This week I resolve to have a crap-tastic New Year Stuck to my friend Katie W’s fridge is a list of New Year resolutions. From last year. At the top it reads, “Live life like you’re on holidays”. This concept – chipper-ly deluding yourself with a ”St Tropez at cocktail hour” vibe – has always more
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