• this makes me angry… Take a look at the shot below. That there, my dear blog land dwellers, is my mail collection from one day. You’ll note it’s mostly parcels sent in expensive overnight bags and courier boxes. What you can’t see is the amount of guff inside the parcels (I don’t wish to expose culprits): elaborately written press more
  • what is the paleo diet? (plus how I’m doing it) Paleo is the new Atkins. I don’t actually think this. But it’s what everyone likes to say. It certainly is a way of eating that’s attracting a lot of attention…and with it some terribly hysterical mis-information. Wondering what the hell I’m talking about? How about I give a bit of a Paleo 101 rundown…with some more
  • Want to learn more about the Paleo diet? This is for you… There’s much buzz at the moment about the Paleo diet. Some of it painfully pious. Some of it fascinatingly valid. I’ve written a little about it here and shared some Paleo recipes here. I keep getting asked to share my thoughts, and am often asked by recent sugar-free converts, “should I be quitting all carbs?” more
  • Friday giveaway: free institute of integrative nutrition course worth $4500 It’s Friday. And I’d like to give a lovely reader: free tuition with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition worth more than $4000   when they buy a copy of the  I Quit Sugar ebook between now and Monday EST 5pm. As you might know, the INN course saw me qualify as a Health Coach last more
  • my chat with Nora Gedgaudas on paleo eating (a podcast) On Friday I had the indescribable joy of chatting to Nora Gedgaudas on Skype. Nora wrote the paleo living bible Primal Body, Primal Mind and is a gem of a woman. In a nutshell, the premise of her thinking is this: * our genealogy hasn’t changed since Paleolithic times when we ate fat, protein and more
  • study integrative nutrition for free: The winner! Last week I offered the opportunity for free tuition at INN. Now the winner. I got Jo to pick the name from a hat (actually a vase). The successful person is…Debra (Deb, I’ll email you direct, too). I’m REALLY sorry to those of you who missed out!!! However, I know a few of you are more
  • study integrative nutrition for free! a special offer A while back I posted about the integrative nutrition course I’ve been studying via correspondence in New York. A number of you’ve signed up and the referral cash I got went to several charities. Thank you! Well, now they’ve offered me the opportunity to give one person free tuition. See the post I wrote on more
  • this is the nutrition course I’m studying (plus a cool plan to donate $500 to charity if you enrol too…) In February I started studying to become a health counsellor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, via correspondence. Name someone big in nutrition and I can safely say they’re probably lecturers at this place…Deepak Chopra, Joel Fuhrman, Sally Fallon Morell, Mark Hyman, etc. I’ve learned things like: Eat melons alone or leave more
  • awesome e-book: how to live without a car I lived without a car until I was 29. And last year my car was stolen and I took the opportunity to spend 6 months car-free. It was  liberating.  I reduced my circle of influence to a 10km radius (the distance I could ride my bike in comfortably). It limited my choices and steered things more
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