• try this: two commitment weekends Far too many of us get our weekends wrong. We don’t rest. We try to catch up. Catch up on emails, chores, with people. As I’ve said soooo many times before, the biggest challenge we face now is pushing back commitments. Life used to be about chasing and finding and accumulating information and ideas and more
  • the art of actively doing less (+ a Women’s Weekly shoot) Shall I share some sweet irony with you? Or perhaps you’ll call it muddled, unfocused hypocrisy? Recently I flew to Sydney to appear in this Australian Women’s Weekly Christmas shoot below. Myself and a bunch of other (too?) oft-photographed ladies were asked “what’s the perfect gift that money can’t buy”. I said: “rest”. As usual, more
  • do nothing for two minutes Dearest Reader of This Blog, Should you find yourself today: agitated, bossed about, distracted, thinking that you’re crap and you’ll never be able to get task X done, that you don’t have enough time, that there’s too much to do…do nothing for two minutes. I’ve found a link that will help. I just swear it more
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