• friday giveaway: a month’s supply of organic acai powder Happy first-Friday-of-February! To continue our Friday giveaways, this week I’m giving away 5 x 150g bags (a month’s supply) of RioLife organic freeze dried acai Our last Acai giveaway proved very popular, and the generous RioLife team have offered to share a little more. Each serve of acai berries is equivalent in antioxidant levels to more
  • Quit Sugar New Year Program giveaway: Organic Acai powder Note: This post has been updated! The offer closes Tuesday 27 December 5pm AEST In January I’m launching an 8-week I Quit Sugar Program – everyone is welcome to join in. What a stupendous time to get off the white poison, no? And just for added incentive we’re giving away: 200 x packs of Riolife more
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