• Wow! Dr Lustig, Dr Noakes and Action on Sugar all in the one room! This is a brazen community announcement, as I figured you might be interested in this little update. The third round of my I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program is about to start and it’s bigger and better than, um, the last round (not so keen on too much hyperbole, as you all know!). I won’t take more
  • sugar as toxic as booze and fags? my thoughts… You might have followed all the chatter yesterday – sugar as toxic as alcohol…should be banned…oh, hang on, no, it’s harmless. Etc. Etc. Wendy Harmer buzzed and asked me to provide this comment for TheHoopla. I’d spent the day chatting about it today on radio (and I think I shocked a few jocks into putting more
  • I quit sugar program: full quittage! (week 3) It’s week three. The time is now. No more run ups…  we’re going cold turkey…no more sugar! First up, though, some housekeeping: * On Friday I invited you all to join FebFast (quit booze for February and raise $ for charity). It’s a good time to drop the booze if you’ve just quit sugar. It more
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