• Can you sit and do nothing (no phone included) for 15 minutes? Last week my phone died and I paid a visit to – deep breath – the Apple store to have an over-pierced kid sort out my life. After diagnosing my issue, The Kid (Him: “In my former life I was a piercing technician.” Me: “But you’re 21, you don’t have a former life!”) had to more
  • a video of a man and his son I’m sad tonight. I have no desire to hide from it. This touched me.
  • coping with season changes… The seasons are changing. In light of such, I found this pretty…. I get a little unsettled when summer moves on. I want to grasp at it longer. I feel I’m going to miss out on something. And I hate the cold (it’s a vatta thing). As I write this I’m aware I should be more
  • sunday life: the benefits of *not* being happy This week I get sad I’ve been writing this column for a while now – 72 weeks to be exact – and I have to confess, I’ve had it with trying to be happy.  It’s all become too much. While this column is a somewhat tortured search for a better life, most of the literature more
  • we’re all searching for a heart of gold I think I’m getting old. I’m about to quote Neil Young lyrics at you. Darnnit, I’ve posted a YouTube clip of the old guy singing this classic track. As a kid, Dad used to play Neil Young on Saturday afternoons when we cleaned the house. And Credence Clearwater and Deep Purple. I happened to see more
  • my brand of sad…what’s yours? I get sad often. Have done since I was a kid. It can just creep up and over me, take me by the throat and dangle there. Then, once embedded, it will drag up big, raw feeling from deep within. In gushes.  I’m powerless once it’s upon me. I cry. A McDonald’s commercial can see more
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