• “Clean Eating is a Myth”…and 5 other things I got right Almost six years ago I quit sugar. I coped flack for this. Did I what. When it came around to publishing my first book I Quit Sugar I ran the below Arthur Schopenhauer quote upfront, by way of highlighting where I thought the whole debate just had to head. Eventually. Someone referred to this quote at more
  • I’m really sorry I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone, or perhaps I’m kidding myself to think it would. I won’t be posting for a while. My computer has died, I lost my phone, and my anxiety levels have peaked. And I’m having my first real holiday in seven years (in which I don’t have to finish a book, write more
  • If you could invite any ten people to a dinner party, who would they be? I was recently listed in a top ten dinner party wish list with quite the bevy of top women, including Quentin Bryce, Julia Gillard and Cate Blanchett. Yep, flattered. A lot. And kind of boasting a little right here and now. That said, it saw a number of people ask me who I’d invite if more
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