• how to earn $1000 a month selling my books on your blog (plus a sugar-free almond butter fudge recipe) You might not be aware of this, but each month more than 300 people out there on the interweb are earning extra cash – up to $1000 a month – by sharing the I Quit Sugar message among their readers. Some of you have been asking how this affiliates set-up works. And how you can more
  • 23 tips for beautiful food photography Now. You might have noticed (and politely not commented): I’m am THE crappiest food photographer going around. Cooking? I’m in my element. Dreaming up flavour combinations? Few can rival my boundless creativity (hyperbole alert). But I just seem to descend into an impatient numbskullness when it comes to capturing it in a pretty pic.   more
  • Valentine’s Treats: more sweet sugar-free recipes How good is this: people I’ve never met join me in quitting sugar via I Quit Sugar, and then get in touch to share some very pretty recipes that they’ve adapted or made up from scratch. Feeling the love much? I did. It’s V-day, so I’m paying it forward. Let me know if you get more
  • Sugar free eating…for vegans (five fresh recipes) I’m not vegan. Nor vegetarian. But I eat a heavily plant-based diet. AND I get a lot of requests from vegos/vegans for non-dairy, non-meat, non-egg sugar-free eating. So it was that I noticed Maria at Scandi foodie had done a 21 day sugar free vegan challenge after doing my I Quit Sugar program a few more
  • a super pretty sugar free macaroon slice… I discovered a wonderful world out there the other day. A world I had been oblivious to (I’ve been oblivious to a lot of things recently). A world where some beautifully talented and curious and dedicated food bloggers have quit sugar and taken to experimenting with sugar-free recipes. I’ll be profiling a few here going more
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