• Your green shopping bag is making you eat crap Good morning, friends. Here’s an eco-conundrum to ponder. A study published last month in the Journal of Marketing found shoppers who brought their own bags to the supermarket tended to buy more chips, cookies and other treats than those who didn’t. How the goodness does this work? The researchers found that the shoppers’ self-perceived righteousness more
  • sunday life: try this self-control trick This week I delay gratification To be honest, I just don’t trust people who can keep an open packet of TimTams in the fridge for two weeks.  Are you one of these? Can you take one biscuit and leave the rest, and not think about them incessantly until you’ve demolished the lot (rationalising that, hey, more
  • sunday life: I try this cool self-discipline technique This week I give the Pomodoro Technique a crack. On this bumpy road to a “better life” that I ride week to week, this much has become abundantly clear: it’s very hard to make self-discipline sexy. As I read on some blog or other recently, you don’t get excited about a party because you’ve been more
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