• the peculiar beauty of being forced to *splat*! This week in Sunday Life I simply get stopped During the week there was a moment – a very brief one – in which I was flying through the air, superman-style, and cruising towards a pile of rocks, when it occurred to me, “this is going to be majorly inconvenient”. I landed on all fours, more
  • wholeheartedness: come meet Brene Brown (free tickets!) I need to share this story. So. Three people over the past three months – one of my best mates Rosie, my new friend Kazzie, and Maria from Brainpickings – alerted me to scientist and “shame” expert Brene Brown. You might recall my “three signs and I act” theory? So. I read her book The more
  • how to see signs I’ve been getting a few “signs” lately. I don’t know what you make of signs… Me, I think that patterns emerge as we go about life and they bank up – get blocked or layer up. A bit like stuff swirling down a drain; the stuff forms a bit of clump and we need to more
  • watch for the signs (and a great video…scroll to the bottom) I have a little rule: three signs and I act. I feel strangely compelled to take note if someone’s name pops up three times in a day. I have to call them. My meditation teacher, for instance. He was mentioned to me by three different people. Finally I called him – his name’s Tim – more
  • sunday life: I test the whole “Law of Attraction” hoopla This week I gravitate to the “Law of Attraction”…to see if it makes life better. I’m what you might call a Third-Way Cherry-Picker. People tend to say, particularly when it comes to the new-agey stuff I discuss in this column, there are two types of people. Sceptics. And Folk Who Buy Into the Whole Package more
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