• some bike thoughts for a Friday Last week I met with Lord Mayor Clover Moore and some of her team to chat bikes. via chicksandbikes I have to hand it to Cr Moore. She simply wanted to get feedback from me (bikes lanes? Has to be done; the world will adjust and get over their issues with them), and pick my more
  • some pretty bike storage ideas Personally, my bike comes with me everywhere. It travelled with me into the Apple store in Sydney the other day. The security beef looked after it for me. I bath it. What more can I say… I’m often asked where I keep my bike at home. Most places I’ve lived, inside. Mostly for security. And more
  • my bike gets a guernsey in Treadlie magazine! Bike fans, there’s a new bike mag out and it’s called Treadlie. It’s very cute and is on sale now in newsagents. It’s got a guide to building your own fixie, and features hot bike looks and other hot bike bits and pieces. Oh, and my beautiful single-speed gets its own spread. If you’re keen more
  • a guide to hot bike helmets (you asked for it!) OK, I’m back on the Campaign to Ride a Bike, a loose gee-up I’m waging on my blog – and beyond – to get more people riding. You can catch up on some of my rants here and also here. But a big barrier for a lot of people is the goddamn helmet. How to more
  • How to buy a pretty single-speed bike A stack of you have asked me how to go about buying a single-speed bike.  Here’s a little guide, based on my experience. 1. Be very sure you want a SS bike! They’re not for everyone. They have NO gears. Correct, none. So it means riding it like you did a BMX as a kid more
  • I get fashion hounded in my bike-riding outfit It’s a risk you take walking in the street these days: will you get stopped by a fashion blogger and asked to share what you wear on camera? Mostly, it’s unlikely to happen to me. I’m not overly “fashion”.  But I got stopped the other day by Faye de Lanty from Fashion Hound and was more
  • sunday life: in which a girl falls in love with a single-speed bike This week I go streamlined on a single-speed bike You might’ve noticed everyone’s into “simplifying”. It’s very recessional chic right now. People from all walks are chucking stuff out and packing up what’s left to go live in Bali. Or on a goat farm. Luxury car manufacturers and banks are flogging simplicity in their advertising more
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