• I’m glad I’ll be old when I find love I’ve come to a lot of peace lately (the last year or two) with my singledom. There are a number of themes that have emerged and informed this stable, quiet, happy place. I’ve explored a few before here and here. But recently I’ve realised this, with hindsight: I haven’t trusted myself to love another in the more
  • Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be a “spinster”? Reading writer Sara Maitland’s How to Be Alone I learned the origins of the word spinster. Get this… “In the Middle Ages the word “spinster” was a compliment. A spinster was someone, usually a woman, who could spin well: a woman who could spin well was financially self-sufficient – it was one of the very more
  • A comforting note to single people. From me. This is a thing: if you’re single in your 30s or 40s you can feel like you’ve missed a steamin’ big ship. Dominant discourse, sadly, goes like this: The pickings are slim; it’s all second rounds and baggage and receding hairlines. And it can feel helpless. Hopeless. Because you just can’t find people who fit more
  • what you’re craving is much closer Last weekend I got super antsy. It was a classic Single-When-All-Your-Friends-Are-Ensconced-In-Relationships scenario: I’d rung around everyone I knew, trying to fill out my weekend with activity…and everyone was busy…with husbands and kids and family barbeques and trips to Bunnings. Or whatever. And I felt abandoned. Then I felt like a loser for caring. And so more
  • Well, if I had a wife… This post has been updated to include the Weekend Sunrise segment from Saturday November 23. I’m sitting on a plane from LA to Sydney writing this. The 9238749823th person has just pointed out to me that I’m clearly very busy (it came out, since I was on my computer the whole way, that I have more
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