• Sunday life: screw it, let’s just do it… and tap-dance out of a plane with Richard Branson This week Richard Branson tells me shows me how to jump into life. I can’t profess to know Richard Branson intimately. That said, we have shared two plane trips and a chicken sandwich together. And tap-danced, hand-in-hand, down the stairs of one of his Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 in front of a bunch of TV more
  • the things i do for a story Where’s the Wally? Watch carefully and see if you can spot me. I met with Sir Richard Branson on Sunday and he dared me to do this. He led me down the steps, tap-dancing with the Tap Dogs, wearing a Virgin uniform, singing to Delta Goodrem. I hate performing!!! I would’ve turned inside out, but more
  • how much must you earn to be happy? that would be $75K a year for you. Every week heralds some new study about what makes us happy. I always like the money ones. We all rather love to hear that having a lot of money doesn’t bring happiness. Thank the Lord, hey! Those poor rich suckers…barkin’ up the wrong tree, aren’t they!? But what do you make of this new Princeton more
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