• Bonus Recipe! My Simplicious Beefin’ Good Jerky This jerky recipe from I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS is seriously easy to make and will leave you feeling a little bit “frontier”. It’s great for lunchboxes. I fiddled around with this recipe to get a smoky-sweet vibe. The image above is a photo I took while developing the recipe, my old sewing sheers that have more
  • Why I visited an abattoir I think some of you noticed on my social media outpourings recently that I visited an abattoir in Tamworth. I want to explain why. And how. And what I came away with. For it was a deeply emotional and BIG LIFE thing to do on a sodden Friday afternoon. I hope I can fairly reflect more
  • slowcooked beef and coconut curry (plus 4 more cheap meat recipes) You’ll begin to notice, I reckon, that my food posts are going to take a certain tilt going forward. They’ve pretty much been leaning precariously that way for a while, right? My food journey is very much now geared away from fancy and will be aimed squarely at economical, sustainable, smart, ethical and nourishing. I’m more
  • the philosophical joys of a slow cooker This week I buy a crock pot I’ve just finished reading Carl Honore’s cult read In Praise of Slow. It’s been out a while – the best seller (it’s also one of Arianna Huffington’s favourite reads) that was largely responsible for bringing the fashionable Slow Food movement to the time-poor masses, was published in 2004. more
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