• I eat: 10-day eat fit food detox A few months back I tried out a juice detox. It worked lovely wonders.  So I decided to give Eat Fit Food’s detox a try. Theirs runs for 10 days, all the food is delivered to your door in the wee hours of the morning, it includes 3 meals plus 2 x snacks and juice more
  • eat: Loving Earth raw chocolate This is a new addition to my blog – food I like. From time to time I’ll flag a new food/food discovery that does good things – ethically, environmentally and nutritionally, or just in a makes-me-happy-when-it-sets-off-a-salivary-explosion-in-my-very-being kinda way. First up, is Loving Earth’s organic, raw chocolate (slogan: healthy, sustainable, fair). I eat it as a more
  • try: the elegance of a tea ritual Just now I ate flaxseed tortilla chips with three anchovies drizzled – or is it draped? – over the top. And a cucumber. Which confirms the rumours: I’m an eccentric eater. But one thing I’m rather conservative about, or at least consistent with, is my tea. Twice a day I make a pot of green more
  • i like: Schkinny Maninny juice detox So, you’ve all been emailing wanting to know the details of the 5-day juice detox I did, as written up in Sunday Life. OK, it’s called Schkinny Maninny, which is kind of a misleading name as it’s not really about losing weight…it’s about getting your system back to normal by consuming 6kg of fruit and more
  • a night snacker? 10 ace tips. I’ve confessed to this before (on twitter, in Cosmo): I have this thing where I have to eat before I go to bed. Doesn’t matter how sustaining dinner was. I have to snack. Honey on rice toast. Toasted nuts with cinnamon. It ticks many wrong boxes and doesn’t do great things for my self-esteem. Or more
  • sunday life: my #1 secret to cracking reward snacking. finally! This week I eat stupendously expensive chocolate. To see if it can cure the world’s overeating problems. A happy life is not spent controlled by the synthetic lure of doughnuts in food courts and dieting. So for the sake of my ongoing research I invest in dark Prestat at, hell yeah, $11.90/80g.
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