• Manage flitter: a cool device for unfollowing on Twitter It’s a fact of life: these days we have to cull “electronic friends”  to cope with Sheer Influx of Cluttery Information. I think we all accept this, right? It’s not personal; it’s professional. I keep my “following” list at 108…it’s partly an auspicious thing. But how to clear the clutter? This little gizmo – ManageFlitter more
  • why i really don’t like snark I don’t usually comment on nasty stuff in the media. It’s usually best left to fester without further stoking. But I feel compelled this time. Because it’s an example of something that’s been bothering me for ages. Snark. I really don’t like it. Gawker started this bitchy style of commentary. Perez Hilton perfected it. And more
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