• going gluten-free? some hiccups you need to know about Gluten’s got a grimy name just now. I’ve previously outlined my thoughts on going gluten-free (who should, why it’s not a “fad” etc). It’s worth a read if you’re a little unsure about the whole debate. If you’ve already made the move, or have contemplated it, then you might learn a lot from this rundown more
  • Tuesday eats: why i don’t drink soy milk I used to drink the stuff a bit. I got sucked in by the health messages. Then I got told it’s a no-go for anyone with thyroid issues. Then I learned it’s really a no-go for everyone. I know soooo many of you drink it in your coffee or tea.. Perhaps you’d like to reconsider more
  • have a sweet weekend March 19 xx It’s Friday and sunny. Who’s to complain? I hope you STILL have no plans for Sunday. And that you’re paving your own road out there, perhaps through a green field??!!! Me, I’m off to a wedding in Perth. My mate James Thomas, a reporter on Today Tonight, is getting married. Finally. James was the first more
  • guest post: healing auto-immune disease #6 Another week, another installment. A month or so ago I posted my musings on my not-so-amusing journey with hashimoto’s. This week, I’ve invited Melbourne personal trainer, BioSignature practitioner and blogger Kat Eden to give her comic – or otherwise  – input. I came across Kat on the site Dumb Little Men and loved her tips more
  • guest post: how to heal auto-immune disease (the soy debate) #3 Confused about soy? A number of you have asked about soy products, and how they affect thyroid issues, especially in the wake of the whole Bonsoy debacle. And especially because everyone seems to have an opinion on it these days. Naturopath Angela Hywood from Tonic (you can read her first contribution here) posted the below more
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