• Just Show Up One of the highlights of my stay here in New York has been connecting with author, blogger and spiritual junkie Gabby Bernstein. Gab did my I Quit Sugar program a few months ago, blogged and SM’d about it to her vast and adoring audience and suddenly we were in each other’s orbits. The funny thing is this: more
  • the resurrection and why we don’t have easter cards… a *great* read I went to church at Easter. It was a perplexing, emotional experience. My relationship with the Catholic church is a fraught one. But one thing I got out of the service was how the story of the Resurrection is one that can resonate no matter whether you believe a bloke called Jesus died at some more
  • I’m a soul nerd. It hurts sometimes. Until I realised… “Literature is a yoga, a soulnerd’s intellectual-spiritual practice of contour-fitting what we know to what is so.” I read this in a Psychology Today article this morning. It’s given me heart on this Monday morning after a night of not sleeping and feeling really very raw about how I’m “doing life”. The article is about more
  • straight from the school of Getting Real… “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy Change yourself and everything else around you changes, slowly. It’s a knock-on effect.  And in time the world changes. It’s slow, but it does happen. Which is more than most of us can say for our best intentions to more
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