• 5 clever sugar-quitting recipes on a Tuesday Since more than 3000 of you are currently doing the I Quit Sugar Pre-Christmas Program (and tens of thousands of you have already quit sugar), how about I share a few really clever frucken fructose-free recipes that I’ve spotted on Instagram lately. These are recipes by folk who’ve already done the program and have invented clever more
  • Coconut and cheese biscuits (plus 3 more coconut flour treats) I’m coming to terms with coconut flour. I wrote about the stuff a few weeks back and have been experimenting since. It’s tricky stuff. But once you get it…it gets you. Since a few of you asked…here are some more recipes I’ve been playing with. These biscuits (above) were an experiment…that worked. They’re (good) fat more
  • friday giveaway: 10 copies of the luscious “Supercharged Food” cookbook by Lee Holmes It’s Friday. It’s summer. Everyone seems to be on some sort of healthy switch-about. So a fitting giveaway! This week I’m giving away… 10 copies of ‘Supercharged Food’ From Lee’s book: sugarfree coconut icecream! See recipe below. Regular readers will have caught previous posts about Lee Holmes‘ cooking. Lee has an autoimmune disease and has more
  • my chocolate nut balls (healthy nuff for breakfast!) Over the weekend, my partner in “Sunday mornings on the deck eating eggs + reading the papers” crime Lizzie and I made nutballs. This is them… Three things you need to know: 1. These balls of goodness are so healthy and anti-oxidising that you can eat them for breakfast. And just to test the theory, more
  • some sweet ideas: cooking with natvia In my quest to make sugar-free life, well, sweeter, I’ve been scouting different fructose-free sweeteners for you. It’s a minefield. There are a lot of sugar-free chocolates and treats out there…but the sweeteners read like something from a box of Ratsak.  I’ve shared on the safe and not-so-safe alternative sweeteners before. One or two alternatives more
  • artificial sweeteners…are any ok? Honesty corner: I’ve been trying to cheat the system and find a way to eat sugar-free chocolate. A cup of tea and chocolate at 3pm. Real tea. Fake sugar… sadly it’s tougher than the idea suggests. I figured there had to be one out there that was OK. The fake chocolate scenario: Loving Earth chocolate  more
  • Tuesday eats: the deal with agave (plus, the sweetener you should be using) A little while back, my friend Gez got fired up with me that I included some info about agave syrup, without explaining the downside of the stuff. So, I’ll try to rectify things here… Never heard of it? It’s a sugar substitute made from a Mexican succulent. Tequila is made from the same plant. The more
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