• I’ll give $10… if you have a dinner party Do you know how many people tell me they wish they got around to hosting more dinner parties…because they’re tired of doing the same old thing every weekend…but find it all too hard? Lots. That’s how many. Why don’t I make it sexy for you? Sustainable Table is running a Give a Fork! campaign – where more
  • I Give a Fork! You? So the wonderful team at Sustainable Table contacted me with their new wonderful idea. They want to get us all to give a fork about food waste and reckon if those of us who are fired up go ahead and organise a sustainable dinner party with mates then it might be a good way to spread more
  • The daggy things my friends and family do to make a difference Want to know how to get me spurting flames at a dinner party? Tell me that the small things we as everyday people do can’t make a difference to the planet. Oh, where do I start? I know: food wastage. It’s the biggest environmental concern today (and a bigger polluter than cars or industry) and more
  • 14 handy links for waste-free living I’m passionate about this stuff. Sustainability. No waste. So I was very happy to be involved in Sustainable Table’s Waste Deep documentary, which is a gentle way of easing people into the issues and what each of us can do about them. I make an appearance – or three – alongside gardening guru Costa, Tim Silverwood and incredibly passionate more
  • my sustainable christmas gift guide… plus a bevvy of giveaways for you! I personally don’t do Christmas gifts. It’s something our family agreed to a few years back (after trying Kris Kringles and giving each other World Vision goats). Instead we pitch in to get all the family together – plane tickets and rental houses to accommodate us all. But I do love the idea of mindful, more
  • 24 ways to have a sustainable christmas Allow me to climb upon my favourite soapbox once again. Food waste. It’s a terrible thing. Let me bullet it out… * Food wastage is the biggest environmental issue facing the planet today. * We consumers are responsible for 50 per cent of all food wastage. * The average Australian tosses out 20 per cent more
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