• How to host a sustainable dinner party I turned 40 recently. And I had a party. It was a dinner party for 40 of my closest friends and family – 40 for 40 – and it was as sustainable as I could possibly make it. I bought nothing new, used produce that was going to be thrown out and kept as many more
  • the most sustainable prawns to buy this christmas I’m not sure if you’re aware but prawns – or shrimp – are an ecological and ethical disaster waiting for a barbie to be thrown atop. I wasn’t…until recently. My uncle Pete was a trawler. We ate them every Christmas. And in fried rice when Mum made it for one of my brother’s birthdays most more
  • 24 ways to have a sustainable christmas Allow me to climb upon my favourite soapbox once again. Food waste. It’s a terrible thing. Let me bullet it out… * Food wastage is the biggest environmental issue facing the planet today. * We consumers are responsible for 50 per cent of all food wastage. * The average Australian tosses out 20 per cent more
  • Sardines for World Food Day Happy World Food Day! I hope you celebrate by eating your leftovers, choosing a secondary cut of meat, getting smart with your food scraps and using up all your leftover herbs. Food sustainability is my number one passion right now. And, just to give you a sneaky head’s up (hopefully my publisher’s not reading this!) my more
  • Sneak peek: one-pan salmon ‘n’ super slaw from the I Quit Sugar meal plan Part of the reason I launched iquitsugar.com is so that this blog can return to being an exploration of broader life-bettering stuff. Not everyone here wants to quit sugar. I get that. More to follow on this soon. In the meantime, I know many of you are asking me about the new site and 8-Week Program… more
  • 10 beefy reads for vegans + meat lovers I want to get to a point straight up today. I’ve been travelling around learning about meat production and reading more and more on the subject. A few weeks back I shared how I eat my meat, which prompted debate and more questions. I’ve read some more…and more…and figured y’all might like to do the more
  • Why I visited an abattoir I think some of you noticed on my social media outpourings recently that I visited an abattoir in Tamworth. I want to explain why. And how. And what I came away with. For it was a deeply emotional and BIG LIFE thing to do on a sodden Friday afternoon. I hope I can fairly reflect more
  • 45 tips for saving $1036 Last week I chaired a food wastage forum – Whatever Happened to Waste Not Want Not – as part of the Sydney Festival. It was a joint initiative of Target100, a beef and lamb industry sustainability program, and EPA’s Love Food Hate Waste program (I’m the ambassador to both). The forum raised so many points, more
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